Looking For Patient Stories?

Are you a journalist, producer, casting director or marketing company looking for real patients to share their unique stories?

Ilana has logged thousands of hours of interviews with patients and caregivers who have been brave enough to share their stories for the purposes of social awareness and medical understanding.

If you’re looking to interview a patient for a project and need a source, you can schedule a free consult to be put in touch with a patient who has offered consent for their contact information to be shared with interested publications, news, media, documentaries, social media and healthcare marketing companies. This is a private directory and contacts will be given on an individualized basis according to the project.

These patients offer their stories with the expectation that their personal experiences will be used to educate, shed light on the challenges of their disease, and increase social understanding. Those looking to be connected will be screened to ensure these qualities and intentions.

You can reach Ilana to schedule a call at ilanawrites@gmail.com.

Patients wanting to be added to the directory or for more information on being added to the directory can also contact Ilana at Ilanawrites@gmail.com.