Ilana is available to consult on projects in the healthcare space including:

  • Partnership developments in the rare disease and chronic illness community
  • Company-wide sensitivity training of rare, chronic, and terminal patients and how to work with them
  • CEO media training for patient sensitivity.
  • Patient recruitment consulting
  • Creative content, copywriting, and content review for websites, social media, press releases, and other public content
  • Media pitching and trend reporting
  • Influencer matching and brand ambassador discovery
  • Involvement in patient meet-ups, strategy sessions and marketing events for healthcare– including focus groups, conferences, and virtual participation.
  • Sponsored blog and social media content
  • Contributed blog and social media content
  • Instagram Takeover
  • Video content, product reviews and webinar hosting
  • Expert commentary/quotes for print, video and other media
  • Content review for offensive themes and language