Healthcare Influencer: Product Reviews

Ilana is an active advocate on social media, frequently reviewing products and services of all kinds– from healthcare to beauty, food and lifestyle products of all kinds! Check out some of her popular videos like this one here or visit her Instagram (10,000 followers and growing!) here.

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Product Review Policy

With a dedicated and growing following, all product endorsements must go through a strict vetting process and will be personally tested by Ilana. There is no amount of money that can be paid for a positive review and products cannot be reviewed without samples for testing.

Prior to posting, Ilana will film clips of unboxing, B-roll, product testing and commentary to be stored for social posts and video reviews later on.

After testing, companies will be contacted with questions and a general overview of whether the product was enjoyed or if there were issues with the product. The company then has the option to VETO a review entirely or allow it to be posted. Companies will not have final say on editing or social clips but will be given any notes on criticism before the VETO period.

Sponsored Social Content:

Instagram Post & Instagram Story Series: Includes one Instagram post with up to three pictures and a review in the description. Depending on the product and the length of time it takes to unbox and use the product completely stories can range from 5-25 stories and can be posted all at once or over a period of a month (unless it is a subscription service which can go up to 12 months). All sponsored stories feature the hashtag “#ad” and a mention of “thank you to “COMPANY” for sending me this “PRODUCT” to review” somewhere within the series to comply with FTC Influencer Guidelines.

Video Review: Videos are posted to both YouTube and IGTV, edited MP4 clip is sent to company for use in on their website, social, or any other advertising purposes within reason. Sponsored video reviews can vary in length but are generally no less than five minutes and no more than fifteen minutes. Companies are responsible for providing high resolution images to be included in the video, B-Roll will be filmed by the influencer. Review content will include a full commentary of the products quality, benefits and where the product can be purchased and for how much. Links in description. All sponsored videos feature the hashtag “#ad” in the description and a mention of “thank you to “COMPANY” for sending me this “PRODUCT” to review” somewhere within the video to comply with FTC Influencer Guidelines.


Hosted Giveaways

Giveaways: Companies have the option of doing a social giveaway of their product. Giveaway announcements will be posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Entries will only be allowed on an Instagram post comment section. Standard entry rules include that users must follow both the accounts of the company and the influencer and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing. Company can choose the quantity of winners and winners will be selected using a Random Number Generator. Companies are responsible for shipping products to winners in a timely manner.

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