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As a professional patient advocate, author, and rare and chronic illness patient— Ilana Jacqueline has been sharing her story, tips and engaging advice for those who want to make change in healthcare a reality. Whether it’s through learning how to better manage their own treatment plans, how to advocate for their best care, or to inspire those in the healthcare community about the patients whose lives their working to  change—she is the ideal speaker to share a message of hope and determination.


About Ilana

Ilana Jacqueline is author of the book Surviving and Thriving with an Invisible Chronic Illness (New Harbinger, March 2018). She is an award-winning blogger in the health advocacy community, a professional patient advocate, helps companies in the health and biotech fields to understand the needs of patients, and continues working her most important fulltime job: managing an “unmanageable” illness. As a health advocate and regularly interviewed expert on chronic illness, Jacqueline looks to help patients advocate for themselves at their most vulnerable moments. She worked as the Managing Editor for the international rare and genetic disease nonprofit, Global Genes for several years before launching a career as an author and educator on chronic illness awareness.


About the Book: Advocating for Quality of Life

Do you live with a chronic, often debilitating, or invisible condition? If so, you may feel isolated, out of step, judged, lonely, or misunderstood— and that’s on top of dealing with the symptoms of your actual illness. Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia diabetes, irritable bowel disease (IBS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Lyme disease, migraines, dysautonomia, or any disease that requires continuous management, you should know that there are practical strategies you can use to take charge of your life.

In this smart and savvy guide, popular blogger Ilana Jacqueline offers peer-to-peer support, a little dose of humor, and insider tips for navigating life with a chronic illness or disability. You’ll find everything you need to know—from how to balance sex, dating, and relationships, to handling work or school with unavoidable absences. You’ll also learn how to deal with judgmental or skeptical relatives and strangers, become your own advocate, and manage your health care. Having a chronic condition doesn’t mean you can’t live an active, engaged life. This book will show you how.


Public Speaker: Live and Online

Ilana speaks on multiple patient-centric topics including

You Are Chronically Capable: Managing Your Career with a Chronic Illness

How can patients find work-from-home opportunities that are tailored to accommodate their health challenges? How can they communicate with their employers or clients in a way that protects their dignity but exhibits responsibility? Learn about tools you can use to work from your home or office— even in your worst case scenario.

Chronically Confused: Leading Your Treatment Plan with Confidence

When you’re chronically ill, undiagnosed or living with a rare disease you’ll experience a multitude of treatment options from multiple specialists. From black-box medication, pain management, surgeries and treatment programs—how can you make educated, empowering medical choices? This talk goes over tools and tips that can help patients stay focused on the end goal: the quest towards their personal definition of a higher quality of life.

Chronically Connected: Communicating The Realities of Your Disease to Friends and Family

Alienation. Isolation. Misunderstanding. The reality is that chronic, invisible illnesses can greatly impact your social life. From family, to friends, to your romantic relationships—a chronic disease affects your priorities, energy levels, and self-image. Learn how to maintain the relationships you have, create news ones—and help the people in your life understand that you are more than just your illness.


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