Printable Resources for Patients

The documents below are free to the public. These simple guides can help patients tackle universally difficult obstacles related to life with chronic illness. Have a request for a resource guide that isn’t here? Send me an email at

Budgeting Tips to Help with the Rising Cost of Living with a Chronic Illness (PDF DOWNLOAD)

This resource guide gives patients actionable tips to reduce the financial burden of living with a chronic illness– including expensive medication co-pays,

Requesting Accommodations at Work: How to Format an Email to Human Resources (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Has work become overwhelming due to your symptoms? Before throwing in the towel, send an email to HR to discuss the accommodations you need in order to do your job to the best of your ability. This resource is a pre-written email that can be modified to include your specific accommodations and personal details.

Coping with Shame in the Exam Room (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Have you ever encountered a rude physician who made you feel like you were taking up too much of their time, were asking too many questions, or who left you feeling ashamed for trying to advocate for yourself? This resource is a great reminder that your voice deserves to be heard.

How To Start Your Own Support Group (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Don’t have a chronic illness support group in your area? Why not start one yourself? This resource gives you all the tools you need to get off the ground and answers questions like: where will my meeting take place? Who will speak at my meetings? How will I advertise my meetings? It will also teach you how to facilitate a meaningful discussion to help empower patients and stop the pity party in it’s tracks.