Influencer Work

Are you a brand looking to reach the patient community? I’d love to work on your next social media campaign.


Check out my work with Abbot Pharmaceutical and RXGO for branded examples.


There are so many ways to educate and expand your audience. I work with companies using my platforms on Instagram (stories, reels and static posts) and my TikTok (where I incorporate brand stories in my existing popular content.)

I also work with brands to share their content on television, in magazines, online media, YouTube videos, commercials, podcasts and more.


I am available as a webinar host, a conference speaker, and as a brand ambassador.

Interested in seeing my media kit and rates? Send me an email at

More About My Work

Think you’ve seen me around before? You probably have! I’ve been featured in articles on AOL and Cosmopolitan. I’ve made several appearances on the long-running Lifetime TV show, Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic (created and developed by my mother and TV producer Carri Levy and co-creator, producer Molly Mager.)

I appeared in the award-winning documentary, Behind the Visible about life with POTS and shared my story through podcasts like Uninvisible and The Major Pain Podcast.

Press and Praise