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Medical Gaslighting

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surviving, thriving and revising American healthcare

Our healthcare system is broken. But it doesn’t have to break you.

About the Advocate

Ilana Jacqueline is a speaker, author, patient, and advocacy strategist whose journey to a rare disease diagnosis forced her to face a lifetime of medical gaslighting.

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Surviving and Thriving

Ilana’s debut self-help book, Surviving and Thriving with an Invisible Chronic Illness was released in 2018 and offers advice for young adults and newly diagnosed with invisible chronic illnesses.

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Medical Gaslighting

This practical, realistic guide is designed to help women fight medical bias and neglect in order to get the care they need—and deserve. Click the link to pre-order this book or buy it on October 1st, 2024

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Resources for Patients

Half the battle is being a prepared patient. The other half is walking out of rooms you know aren’t meant for you. Ilana will keep you updated with advice, tools, and templates to help you beat bias, find the best doctors, and collaborate for better care.

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